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Accessibility statement

We have taken steps to make sure everyone can access this website and its contents. We did our best to follow the WCAG 2.1 specification. If there are any problems please let us know.

Steps taken

Keyboard access

  • Most features of this website are accessible using only a keyboard
  • We offer alternative solutions for sections that are not accessible using a keyboard
  • A "Skip navigation" option has been put in place to take the user to the main content of the website

Screen reader navigation

  • This website has been tested using VoiceOver on a Macbook and iPhone
  • All images contain a comprehensive alt tag
  • As much as we can, we avoid using features that cannot be made to be accessible

High contrast

The whole website is offered in high contrast (white and yellow text in black background)

Use of graphics

  • Avoidance of flashing images
  • Avoidance of animations such as parallax or motion effects which can cause dizziness for some users

Known issues

  • Displaying PDF files: PDF files are embedded using iframes. This makes it difficult for screen readers to read the files. We are offering the option to download the files
  • The PDF files themselves: some of the PDF files have not been created with accessibility in mind and will probably confuse screen reader and keyboard users.